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Benefits of using a baler

The commercial benefits of using a cardboard baler are straightforward; skips and bins are expensive and by baling card and having the bales collected for recycling can mean a reduction of over 80% in disposal costs. As well as the high costs, these containers also take up valuable exterior space, space which could be used for staff or customer parking.

Cardboard balers are usually powered by air (pneumatic balers) or hydraulic. Pneumatic cardboard baler use compressed air to compact the card or plastic and are particularly useful where a business has a compressed air main line already in place. The baler can be plugged directly into the air line and can be moved around to be nearer the source of the waste as production dictates. Hydraulic balers tend to produce a greater pressure and are usually the preferred choice when volumes are larger. A mill-size bale from a hydraulic baler is the most valuable form of baled cardboard. Weighing up to 700kgs, these bales need to be tied with wire to make them completely safe to lift and handle and are really only applicable to business with a tonne of card per week. Smaller balers produce bales which can be hand tied with banding. Businesses should always ensure that the banding they use has a suitable strength rating for the weight of bales they are producing.

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