The T E C Bulk Loader Coupling Valve is a major improvement on existing Fuel Couplings. The biggest problem with the original version was the failure rate due to the number of parts that are involved. In total there are 14 separate items in each coupling.

Here at Technical Engineering Compliance, we have taken the existing coupling and, by careful engineering, reduced the number of parts to 4. This makes the coupling far more reliable - fewer part failures – easier to manufacture and easier to maintain. This new design allows one coupling to be used on different train sets.

For the operator, there is a major improvement - extended body length. This ensures that the hands are fully away from the train body, ending the problem of trapped fingers when refuelling.

It is also easier to connect / disconnect as it requires only 1 revolution to complete the process.

The Bulk Loader Coupling Valve outer body is manufactured from high grade stainless steel. This combined with a brass internal sleeve gives the Bulk Loading Valve the ability to withstand the harsh treatment encountered in its natural environment.The internal operating spring is locked into its location point to ensure the correct operation of the piston on each connect / disconnect. The main seals are manufactured from Viton® to ensure a perfect, hard wearing, seal.

Extensive testing has seen a 90% reduction in coupling maintenance and 75% reduction in leak faults

Pricing is very competitive, compared to the existing valve, and we look forward to demonstrating the benefits of the T E C Bulk Loading Valve in your application.