What we do?It’s in our name!

Technical describes what we are - Time Served Engineers with a variety of Qualifications.

Our Timed Served Engineers, are from a variety of industries, e.g. Construction Equipment, Power Generation Equipment e.g. generators, switch gear, remote monitoring-telemetry equipment, Metering, Calibration Systems, Rail Fuel Systems, Hydraulic Compaction Equipment, Low Voltage products, with inbuilt thermostatic protection for Heat Tracing applications.

TEC Engineers -

design solutions – mechanical, electric and electronic

offer compliant service programs,

offer purpose-built shore systems,

develop new products to fulfil a demand

that’s the reason our company. We engineer safety - it’s all in our name! Just one reason to call to find out how we can help you.


We develop products and systems to add support and improvement to companies existing processes and systems, especially were a company has no engineering department. We can be your service, supply and engineering department. We can offer this for long term or one-off ad hoc requirements.

We can develop a documentation system to monitor service and / or repair requirements, it will help to show the condition of your equipment and allow you to understand your compliance for H & S and insurance purposes. Service systems help you to understand when to upgrade, your new product choice, the efficiency of existing equipment and new service requirements. All our options help you to develop, design and to comply with your legal and operational requirements.

At TEC2010 ltd we call it “Development by Experience”


Means? Carrying out a service procedure to an Item of Equipment to ensure that it meets the Manufactures specification and ensuring that the equipment operates as intended, is fit and ready for purpose and compliant!

Our Message? The benefit of our service system is to keep your equipment compliant to the Manufactures specifications of conformity, keeping your asset ready and fit for purpose.

We would be pleased to discuss any aspect of your business, or current Equipment requirements, we can offer the right solution for your needs.

We have experience with the following companies and equipment –

Agritel – compaction equipment

Kanon – service & repair of chemical loading arms

LanXess – service, repair & supply of chemical loading arms

Mobile Mini – Welfare Cabin generators

Northern Rail – supply of Bulk Fuel Loaders

Siemens – Shore supply and depot maintenance

Stockport County Football Club – stand-by generator service

TLC Handling – repair and design of electronic helicopter handling equipment